Autumn Bowl for Sale – End of an Era

The Autumn Bowl has been put up for sale on eBay for $15,000.00. The Landlord is not interested in renewing the lease so it needs a new home. It looks like someone already has dibbs on the mini-ramp. The $15,000 does not include removal or installation.

After 7 long years we are selling our well loved bowl.  This is your chance to own a skateboarding landmark.  Put it in your backyard, skatepark or private warehouse.  This one of a kind bowl was built by a team lead by Tim Vanderbas in September of 2003.  Endless lines, perfect transitions, tons of fun.  This bowl has been skated by nearly every pro out there including Julien Stranger, Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk, Steve Cabalerro, Spanky, Zared Basset…the list goes on and on.  The bowl is due for a new layer of birch ply and the pool coping is perfectly worn in.  The dimensions are about 45’x45′, 7′ in the deep and about 5′ – 5.5′ everywhere else.  Price does not include removal or installation.  Bowl must be removed before August 29, 2010, unless other arrangements are made prior to sale. Click the link for a bowl video:  Thanks!

Q: Does this auction include the mini in the back? Would there be an opportunity to simply take over the lease? Thanks Seth Aug-07-10

A: No, it is not included in the auction. As of right now, someone is supposed to buy it but I can contact you if that falls through, if you’d like. The landlord is not interested in renewing the lease, so taking it over is not an option.

10 thoughts on “Autumn Bowl for Sale – End of an Era

  1. Can someone smarter than me tell me if $15,000 is a good deal? Not like I have that kind of money or a place to put it, but that sounds pretty reasonable. Bummer that baby is gonna be gone. Only made it once but it was pretty damn awesome. Hope it finds a home.

  2. Damn I didnt even realize there were recent posts on here til I saw this linked somewhere else… Your getting no love from Google Reader!

  3. To rob reed’s comment about the price… The Warehouse cost us about $14,000 to build. I’d say we got about the same amount of wood. But they’re selling a 7 year old used bowl for $15,000. I think it’s a little steep. Not to mention the nightmare of getting it out of there.

    *Note: There were a lot of drunken 2 a.m., walking past a construction site, wood grabbin’ missions. Anything to cut costs!

    But much respect to the Autumn Bowl. I had many a great sessions there and they were 100% the inspiration for the Philly Warehouse and gave me some great advice when we got started. Never forget the first thing Dave from Autumn said… “You sure you wanna do this?”

  4. Offer them $500 and free removal on 8/28. That’s a better deal than they’ll be getting from the scrapyard on 8/29.

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