McCreesh Kickoff & Block Party Today @ 2

Get out to the McCreesh Block party today. They built a lot of ramps for the 5Boro and Totally guys to demo. It should be a good time. McCreesh Playground, 6744 Regent St. Philadelphia, Pa 2-5pm.

You are all to assemble at the McCreesh Playground this Saturday, August 14th, for the kickoff fundraiser and block party. All proceeds and donations will go towards building a FREE public skatepark at said playground. Damn good cause, worthy of a few battle scars. See you in the trenches!!! – Derek Rinaldi

10 thoughts on “McCreesh Kickoff & Block Party Today @ 2

  1. VERY GOOD TIME. Ramps are staying so go get your sesh on. Jesse and crew built some fun stuff.

    I’m exhausted.


  2. Anyone post pics or vid of the current ramp setup? Those last two posts seem like they were written by someone just learning English.

  3. Any mass transportation for this place? Its about 23 blocks west for me, just trying to save the sweat for the transitions. Saying trannies is a bad look.

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