Paine’s Park Opens May 22nd, 2013


I can’t believe I am even writing this post. Plenty of people never thought the day would come. Well the kickstarted goal was reached and the date has been set.

Paine’s Park Grand Openning is happenning on May 22nd, 2013!

Keep up to date with Franklin’s Paine on their facebook page.

I’ll leave you here with this video where the guy from La Colombe says what most of us skateboarders have been trying to convince Philadelphia and the general public to believe in for well over a decade.

PS: I’ll probably end up calling it River Park because even though it is a nod to Thomas Paine, I don’t want to be reminded of the PAIN it took for so many to finally get this park completed.

PPS: I’ve already seen people complaining about details of the park, like how it is a mixed use park and that it will be a disaster because all kinds of people will get in the way, etc. Save it. Love Park has seen skateboarders coexist with all kinds of people for years. If you honestly think that it being a mixed use park is going to be an issue, you’ve probably never skated, or at least never enjoyed skating Love Park.

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