SKATE Newark, NJ with Quim Cardona

Josh Stewart’s newest episode of SKATE is out and this time it’s with Quim in Newark, NJ. Regular read­ers should already know what a big fan I am of Quim.

My favorite part is when he is walk­ing in the street and a car beeps at him and he turns around to reply “You’re on your phone?!” I do that all the time. If you are dri­ving a car and you beep  your horn at some­one while on the phone, you are a douchebag.

SKATE Newark, NJ with Quim Cardona — YouTube.

2 thoughts on “SKATE Newark, NJ with Quim Cardona

  1. I bet some­one jacked your car. I’m gonna take the keys out the igni­tion and lock the car when I go to Street League dis year!! 825 @ pru­den­tial. psyched!

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